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I’ve been a flea market enthusiast since I could walk. Every Saturday (and sometimes Sundays) my father would take my brothers and me to the local flea market. We would spend a good part of the morning scanning the aisles of treasures.

At a very early age, I learned the art of “haggling” with vendors to get the best deal. I remember watching my father (an expert haggler) go round-and-round with vendors on price. Most of the time, my dad walked away with the item he needed at the price he was willing to pay. I think my father loved the interaction with people more than the actual sale transaction.

Those were fond memories, and I still re-live those experiences today. My father has since passed away; however, I find myself walking in his footsteps when visiting a flea market.

I’m sure there are many who share a similar experience as I did as a child and still find themselves drawn to flea markets.

I periodically visit the Streetsboro Flea Market to re-live those childhood memories and to find some interesting “thing” that I need. I can honestly say that shoppers who visit the Streetsboro Flea Market will find the experience pleasurable and profitable.

Phil Jackson

Streetsboro Flea Market